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One-on-one nutrition advice from a holistic perspective

“As a nutrition consultant, I help clients find which foods work for them and for their busy schedules, in order for them to have effortless, continuing health. Feeling comfortable in your body is possible, but it takes time and it takes care. I can help with that.”

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Work with Celeste to create a diet made for your body, your schedule, your tastes, and your health goals. Your particularity is what makes you beautiful.

What is “holistic” nutrition?

Holistic nutrition takes body, mind, and soul into account when looking at health. As a nutrition consultant, Celeste will be interested in your sleep habits, your health history, your work life, and your connections with others as key players in your health or lack thereof. Holistic nutrition sees food not just as vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, but as a treasure trove of deep nourishment, potential healing, long-lasting cultural traditions, and emotional ties.

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Celeste believes in the power of eating traditional, natural food. She also believes it can be delicious and emotionally satisfying! Check out her Instagram account to see how she makes things like stir-fries, casseroles, and cakes that support her and her family’s health.

What does a consult look like?

You get so much more than one hour with Celeste. For every consult you book, you get a personalized 5-day meal plan, with recipes attached. You get pages of recommendations made JUST FOR YOU, based on your needs. While you’re working with Celeste, you can ask her questions over text or email, which means you can get endless recommendations for foods and supplements, as you think of them. Celeste is also a resource for any random questions you have regarding alternative wellness. She is a self-proclaimed research junkie!

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6 one hour consults, paid up front

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3 one hour consults, paid up front

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Celeste Lightsey Wellness, LLC

Celeste graduated from Bauman College in 2018 and is a nutrition consultant. She works with adults, children, nursing mothers, and infants to design specific diet plans for their needs.

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